Long live the Duke!

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The film, written by Pierre Levie and directed by Jean-Marc Landier and Michel Romanoff, tells the story of a village, Kapellen, which, tired of waiting on the willingness of the authorities for the installation of a main sewage drain, in order to highlight the issue, decides to put on a play relating the life of the protector of the village, Sainte-Nèle.

Wishing to do things in a professional manner, the villagers bring in from Paris, a hare-brained director, Amédée, who leads the treasurer into wild expenditures. Thereafter, ensues a series of burlesque adventures led by Francis Blanche as the quick-tempered mayor.

This imaginary village offers many similarities with what was then called “Old Woluwe”. Recurring problems of flooding due to the lack of a main sewage drain, a stage play put on in the village square with the participation of the residents, a direct allusion to the “Jeu de Marie la Misérable”, written by Michel de Ghelderode at the request of Pierre Levie, then Alderman of Culture of the Municipality.

The film calls upon several well-known French actors, including Francis Blanche in the role of the Mayor, and Marie-José Nat, in the role of Cécile, the mayor’s daughter, as well as excellent Belgian actors such as Charles Janssens and Victor Guyau.

“Long Live the Duke!” was entirely shot in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert with the enthusiastic participation of townspeople.

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Mayor of Kapellen: Francis Blanche
His daughter Cécile: Marie-José Nat
The Treasurer: Charles Janssens
The Director: Amédée

Script: Pierre Levie
Directed by: Jean-Marc Landier and Michel Romanoff
Cinematographer: René Juillard
Film editor: Ginette Boudet
Original music: Bernardin Van Eeckhoudt

A Pierre Levie (Sofidoc) and Helga Films Production

© 2010-1959 Sofidoc and Memento Production