Evelyne Axell, The Venus of Plastic

Portrait of the Amazon of Pop Art

A film by Françoise Levie

‘The Venus of Plastic!” This is the title that Evelyne Axell (1935-1972) bestowed upon herself, not without a touch of humour ! On a more serious note, this Belgian artist, also known as the Amazon of Pop Art, quickly abandoned painting in oil in favour of materials from her own time: Plexiglas, opaque Perspex, car enamel paint and synthetic fur among others.

Axell was one of Magritte’s rare pupils, a woman whose life, beauty and creations were inextricably linked, a provocative feminist with a profound sense of freedom.

Her brief but intense 7-year career was cut short when she died suddenly in 1972.

Using rare archival footage, the film retraces the story of her acting and subsequent painting careers, with personal accounts from those close to her, including her husband, filmmaker Jean Antoine.

The film focuses heavily on the strong body of work she created, which betrays a certain sense of premonition about her untimely death.

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Running time : 73 minutes
Languages : English or French

Bonus : Philippe Axell talks about his mother (13 minutes) (In French only)

International Distribution : Memento Production

Funding : Centre du Cinema de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, RTBF, Wallonie Images Production. With support from the National Lottery

C 2013, Memento Production

C Axell’s works Sabam/Adagp.