In Case of Depressurisation

60′ – Original version in French – English version with subtitlesEn cas de dépressurisation - Zoom Recto
CHow to cope when you’re told that your child is handicapped?
This news arrives like a tidal wave, something which makes all your blood drain out. All that you’ve ever dreamt of suddenly falls to pieces, faced with this drama which takes overwhelms your life. And then, very quickly, it’s something quite different that takes over…

Airline stewardesses advise parents to first put on oxygen masks themselves, in the event of depressurisation, and then on their children.
“To stay alive, I filmed everyday life with my son, then went on a tour with a troupe of dancers for a few days a month for two years. If I wanted to help my child, I also had to think of myself…”

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Directed by: Sarah Moon Howe
A Co-production between Sofidoc – WIP – R.T.B.F. – French Community of Belgium – Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government
Distribution: Memento Production
© 2009