Anna and Vincent

Anna Boch, painter and patron, buys at the Annual Salon des XX in Brussels in 1890, the only painting that Vincent Van Gogh sold during his lifetime. He dies the same year.
Six months later, Anna buys a second work.

By doing so, she is the first to acknowledge the importance of Van Gogh, when nobody else did.

It is through her brother Eugene that Anna learned about Van Gogh. He was also a painter. On a visit to Arles, Eugene befriended Van Gogh who immortalised him in his famous painting, The Poet, now at the Orsay Museum in Paris.

Both paintings hang in her studio. For years, she paints in their shadow struggling with the presence of Van Gogh’s genius. Finally, defeated by their strength and their audacity, she sold both works. Such was their power, they had prevented her from continuing her own development as a painter.

The world is beginning to realize how great you are, Vincent Van Gogh. And, more often than not, when I face up to the immensity of your painting, I feel small, destitute. With a sense of deep regret, I find myself with no other choice but to sell your two paintings.
Getting rid of two of Vincent Van Gogh’s works so that Anna Boch might continue to paint! What treachery! I know how pathetic this exchange must seem, but I have no choice.

Anna and Eugene are the protagonists who carry the film. It evokes the historical period through a vivid correspondence between Eugene in the Sunny South of France and Anna in the Boch castle in grey, industrial La Louvière in Belgium.

Through these three characters, the film explores the intriguing relationship between a relatively minor painter historically, and one who is now universally recognized as a genius.

Commander le DVD
Director : Françoise Levie, Script : Luc Dellisse and Françoise Levie.

With Isabelle Jonniaux (Anna Boch), Gunther Lesage (Eugene Boch) and Johan Leysen’voice (Vincent Van Gogh)
Bonus : Thérèse Thomas (Anna Boch’s Biographer), Nienke Bakker (Expert at the Van Gogh Museum) and Alfred Blondel (Anna Boch’s great grand nephew) .
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A coproduction Memento Production, Wild Heart Productions, Communauté française de Belgique, RTBF, VAF, the National Lottery and the Tax Shelter of the Belgium Federal Governement.
Distribution : Memento Production.

62 minutes – French Version – English Version – Dutch Version