Mass Moving – Insubordinates in Art

52’Mass Moving - Presentation
Version française – Nederlandse Versie – Subtitled English Version

The story of an artistic movement which arose in Belgium and Holland on the heels of May ‘68. Made up of artists and engineers, the group defines itself by projects and short-lived actions.

The goal of Mass Moving? Take Art out of the museums and galleries by invading the city and streets – promote the importance of the earth and the concept of planetary chain – employ an entertaining and educational dimension and audience participation – denounce the bourgeois order and established conventions.

The group defines itself by its actions carried out throughout the world: “Butterfly Project” at the Venice Biennial, “Human Incubation” in Amsterdam, “Shadow Project” in Hiroshima, “Pure Water Reserves” in the Himalayas, “Sound Stream” from Cameroon to Norway, “Society in Conflict” in Brussels, “Ludic Environment Machine”, “Concreted Car”… One project after another carried out, among others, by Raphaël Opstaele and Bernard Delville, the group being, however, in principle anonymous.

When Mass-Movers realised that the functioning of the group no longer corresponded to their initial ideal, they folded up in 1976 with a spectacular auto-da-fé, destroying machines and burning drawings, photos, films and posters.

Through Mass Moving and its actions, it’s not only the story of an era which is told, but also the beginnings of the ecological movement and alternative energies.

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The film is illustrated by stock footage of the time.

Directed by: Françoise Levie
Running-time: 52′
With the support of the Cinema and Audiovisual Centre of the French-speaking Community of Belgium. With funding from the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds.

© 2007 Memento Production, A Private View, R.T.B.F.

Selection at the Montreal International Festival of Films on Art 2007