DVD production and distribution

Anna and Vincent

miniature-150x118-dvd-anna-vincent 62 minutes – French Version – English Version – Dutch Version

Anna Boch, painter and patron, buys at the Annual Salon des XX in Brussels in 1890, the only painting that Vincent Van Gogh sold during his lifetime…

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Evelyne Axell, The Venus of Plastic

miniature-150x118-dvd-evelyne-axell-dvd 73′ – Version française – Subtitled English Version

‘The Venus of Plastic!” This is the title that Evelyne Axell (1935-1972) bestowed upon herself, not without a touch of humour !

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Panda Farnana – A Disturbing Congolese

miniature-150x118-dvd-farnana-dvd 55′ – Version française – Nederlandse Versie – Subtitled English Version

The portrait of an atypical character, astride two worlds: Belgium and the Congo. The film retraces the life and work of Panda Farnana (1888-1930) thanks to never-before-seen documents and evocative scenes shot in the Congo.

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Tailing in the Whales’ Wake

miniature-150x118-dans-le-sillage-baleines 55′ -Version française – English Version

Where do humpback whales go after their mating season in New Caledonia?

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In Case of Depressurisation

A film by Sarah Moon Howe – 60′ – Version française – English version with subtitles

How to cope when you’re told that your child is handicapped?
This news arrives like a tidal wave, something which makes all your blood drain out. All that you’ve ever dreamt of suddenly falls to pieces, faced with this drama which takes overwhelms your life. And then, very quickly, it’s something quite different that takes over…

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Alfred Stevens – The Man Who Painted Women

64 minutes.

Version française – English Version – Nederlandse Versie

Alfred Stevens (1823-1906) is an artist who enjoyed international fame. Born in Belgium, he spent his entire career in Paris and made his success in that most French of fields, the extolling of women.

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Memoirs of a Princess of India

66 ‘

Version française – English Version – Deutsch Versie

Gayatri Devi, daughter and granddaughter of Maharajahs, was the most emblematic of Indian princesses. The magazine Vogue crowned her one of ten most beautiful society women.

In 1940, at the age of twenty, she fell in love with and wed the handsome Maharajah of Jaipur, becoming his third wife. Wishing to help emancipate the women of Rajasthan who still lived in “purdah” [concealment from the eyes of men], she created the first public school for girls in India.

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The Children’s Windmill – Instruction Manual


Version française

A first experience in the world: children who own a windmill!

How, when you are but a poor town but well exposed to the wind, to develop a project in favour of ecology and the environment!

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Mass Moving – Insubordinates in Art


Version française – Nederlandse Versie – English Version

The story of an artistic movement which arose in Belgium and Holland on the heels of May ‘68. Made up of artists and engineers, the group defines itself by projects and short-lived actions.

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Paul Otlet. The Man Who Wanted to Classify the World

60 ‘ – Version française, English Version, Nederlandse Versie.

From the index card to the Internet…

The film relates the life of Belgian utopian Paul Otlet (1868-1940) who developed the strangest of obsessions: classify and catalogue all the books which ever appeared in the world according to a system of “universal decimal classification system”, enabling him to codify both ideas and facts. Over the course of time, he and his collaborators filled out some twelve million index cards… This classification system is considered similar to today’s “hypertext” which enables us to navigate the Web.

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Panamarenko – The Magic of Art

Version française – English Version – Nederlands Versie

A contemporary artist halfway between science and poetry.

Friend of Beuys and Marcel Broodthaers, Panamarenko is one of the most important contemporary Belgian artists. He creates strange objects such as submarines, flying saucers, and even power-driven backpacks which never quite take off. His work makes use of technology to revitalise aesthetic experience.

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Don’t Tell My Mother

26′ – Version française – English Version

This first documentary by Sarah Moon Howe relates her experience as a stripper. “I began to strip when I was 22. I wanted to see and be seen. I wanted to explore my femininity through the eyes of others. I wanted to burn my wings, sense fear and come through it, night after night.”

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License for the Mines

Daily life in the mines of Wallonia in the 50s.

78 minutes – Version française

This DVD is a collection of 4 documentary films made by the company Sofidoc in association with the Monceau-Fontaine Collieries at the end of the 1950s. Their aim is to improve safety inside the mines, convince the minors to attend qualification classes, and facilitate the integration of foreign workers.

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Long live the Duke!

The film relates the adversities of a small village, periodically victim of flooding…

A fiction film made in Brussels in 1959, starring Francis Blanche, Marie-José Nat and Charles Janssens.

A film by Jean-Marc Landier, Michel Romanoff and Pierre Levie.

Running-time: 90 minutes – Distribution: Memento Production.

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