Showmen and Perspective Views

Montreurs et Vue d'Optique - Couverture
Perspective views decorate the walls of houses. They can be found at public auctions and specialised antique dealers. We know, however, very little about these 18th century engravings. Where were they published and by whom? What is the meaning of the inscriptions they bear? What were their subjects? How were they perceived? Which are rare pieces? How to recognise a perspective view today?

Pierre Levie tries to answer all these questions, and describes the activity of the publishers of Rue Saint-Jacques, where the perspective views were produced in France, and their main competitors in Germany, Italy and England.
The book evokes finally the activity of the showmen who presented perspective views programmes. Were they really Savoyards, as they were called?

Pierre Levie has always been attracted to the cinema. He has directed and produced fiction films, documentaries and animated films. One of these films, “The Iron Horse”, co-directed with Gérald Frydman, won the Palme d’or at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival. But his true passion is the archaeology of cinema, which he treated in a series of films for television. Perspective views played a star role in them

A book by Pierre Levie
Published by Sofidoc in 2006.
Distribution: Memento Production