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Showmen and Perspective Views

Montreurs et Vue d'Optique - CouvertureA book by Pierre Levie

Perspective optical views decorate the walls of houses. They can be found at public auctions and specialised antique dealers. We know, however, very little about these 18th century engravings. Where were they published and by whom? What is the meaning of the inscriptions they bear? What were their subjects? How were they perceived? Which are rare pieces? How to recognise a perspective view today?

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Etienne-Gaspard Robertson – Life of a Phantasmagorist

Robertson - couverture du livreA book by Françoise Levie

Etienne-Gaspard Robertson (1763-1837) was the first filmmaker. A filmmaker who knew, however, neither film, nor cinema, since he was born a century too early! Nevertheless, in 1798, he succeeded in making images move: forwards, backwards and even multiplying. Thanks to a revolutionary apparatus, the “Fantascope”, mounted on rails and placed behind the screen, Robertson created truly striking effects.

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